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Simple method of Mango Tree Grafting

A subtropical fruit species with the scientific name Mangifera indica is the mango. Zones 9b through 11 on the US Department of Agriculture’s plant hardiness scale are considered ideal. Mango trees in temperate settings need more care and yield fewer fruits. Despite the fact that there are more effective techniques to cultivate mangoes, some gardeners prefer grafting. This is due to the possibility of the plant’s reproduction by gene transfer from an older tree to a younger one. This ensures continued healthy development and eliminates any genetic variants that can be harmful. Mango tree grafting requires knowledge of gardening techniques and forethought.

Badami  Grafted Mango Tree

It’s true that Badami mangoes are delicious, but they’re only available at certain periods of the year. Because of its exceptional sweetness, richness, and flavour, it is often regarded as among the finest mango varieties.

Totapuri Grafted Mango Tree

Plant this beautiful tropical evergreen in your own garden, and you’ll be rewarded with a space that smells and tastes delicious. Among the several mango kinds grown in western India, Totapuri mangoes tend to be among the most expensive. Mangoes have earned the title of “King of Fruits” for good reason.

For over 4000 years, people have been drawn to the tree, which symbolises calm seas and balmy breezes. The Totapuri mango tree may reach a maximum height of 48 inches without requiring a lot of maintenance or attention.

Badami-Grafted Mango Tree

Mangoes from Badami are frequently referred to as “Karnataka’s Alphonso” because of its extraordinary sweetness, richness, and flavour. This kind is regarded by many as the best mango available. This seasonal tree produces delicious fruits that are also good for your health.

The Badami mango tree, with a history spanning more than 4000 years, has acquired the moniker of “King of Fruits” for its function as a significant source of revenue for Indian farmers.

Mango Himsagar Plant , Aam Himsagar Plant

It’s a limited-time offering that’s highly sought after since it’s widely considered to be among the best mango varieties there are. Mango Himsagar, or Aam Himsagar, is a kind of Himsagar plant.

Kesar Grafted Mango Tree

If you’ve never tasted a Kesar mango, you’re missing out. These unusual and highly coveted trees produce fruit that is unbelievably sweet and delicious. The ‘Gir Kesar,’ also known as the ‘Kesar,’ mango stands out among other varieties because to its enticing saffron flesh, pleasant fragrance, outstanding flavour, and long storage life. The Kesar mango is another name for this kind.

Mango Tree Grown through seeds Plant                      

Mangoes are delicious, tropical, and full of taste. You may enjoy them by cultivating your own gorgeous, rich mangoes and then eating them. Mangoes have a high concentration of flavour and juice. Over the last four thousand years, this tropical fruit has been a source of great respect in India. As the name “King of Fruits” suggests, it is well deserving of that honour. The old, dark green leaves on these beautiful evergreen mango trees give way to bright, dense new growth that has a tinge of red.

Alphonso-Grafted Mango Tree

Alphonso mangoes are sweet and tasty. It’s still a popular mango in India. In India, the Alphonso mango is called the “King of Fruits.” The saffron-colored flesh and non-fibrous, luscious pulp will leave you wanting more.

Soak seeds in water and fertiliser.

Plant the seeds you saved from your mature mango tree to grow a new rootstock. Up until the seedling emerges, make sure the soil is kept at the ideal moisture and nutritional levels. Before cutting the stem of a fresh seedling, please wait until it is between 3/8 and 1 inch in diameter. If the seedling stays green, doesn’t show signs of rot or disease, and produces robust new growth, it might be useful as a rootstock.

If you want to create cuts in the rootstock, you’ll need a grafting knife.

Penn State recommends using sharp pruning shears or a grafting knife to remove about 4 inches of the rootstock from the ground before replanting. It’s important to make a clean cut and not injure the stem below the incision. Use your grafting knife, cut the stem in half vertically from the top down to approximately 1 inch above the surface of the soil to remove the leftover half.

Use a Scion for a Sharp Cut What Comes From a Tree

You need to locate a scion, or a young shoot of growth, on an existing mango tree. The scion should come from a tree that has a proven track record of producing superior fruit and blossoms. The thickness of the scion being grafted should be about the same as, or slightly less than, the rootstock. There should be fresh blooms and vibrant foliage.

Use the Grafting Tape and apply it.

Cut a 5 to 6-inch-long wedge from the scion’s open end. Trim the bark from all four sides of the scion to form an angled tip. Slip the scion wedge into the rootstock groove to line the incisions. Wrap the rootstock and scion with grafting tape. This guarantees everything’s appropriate location.

Cover the fresh fungal growth with a plastic bag.

The fresh graft must be sealed shut at the bottom with a plastic bag. The graft will be safe from insects and rodents if you place it in a plastic bag and seal it like a little greenhouse. To protect the graft from direct sunlight, layer a paper bag over the plastic one.

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